Google Bard API Key: How to Get Bard API Key

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The Google Bard API Key is here. Now you can access the full power of Bard AI Chatbot LLM (large language models) to generate text, write code and content, translate language, and answer your question in a creative way using Bard API Key.

API for Google Bard is currently available in beta and for a limited number of users. You can sign up for the waitlist on the Google AI website to get your Bard API Key. You can easily integrate the Bard AI capabilities into your applications and access the features outside the Official website.

So, If you are a developer and looking for Bard API for your applications, and systems then you are landed at the right place. Here in this article, we will try to share the Complete Guide of Bard API. So, Let’s go…

Google Bard API Key

Google Bard is an AI Chatbot based on a large language model (LLM) developed by Google. This advanced and powerful tool can be used for a variety of tasks and The Google Bard API is used to create a variety of applications.

Google Palm2 API is also known as Google Bard API.

Google BardAPI Key
Bard API AccessWaitlist
Required Google Cloud Platform Project
TypeBeta Access
Bard API

How to Get Google Bard API Key?

Getting an API key for Google Bard is quite a simple and easy process. Follow the steps below to Generate Bard API Key Now.

  • First, create a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project and enable billing.
  • Now inside the GCP Console, Go to the APIs & Services dashboard and select “Credentials” from the left-hand menu.
  • You’ll then be able to generate a new API Key by clicking on “+ CREATE CREDENTIALS” near the top of the page and select “API Key“.
  • That’s it, Done! Your Bard API Key has been generated Successfully and appears on the Screen. Now Copy the Code and use it anywhere you like to use.
  • Generated key to access all of Google’s APIs that have been enabled in your project – including Google Bard, Speech Recognition, and Text Analysis.
  • To get started with any of these services, just go back into GCP Console’s APIs & Services page, search for them within the available modules list, and click “Enable”.

How to Use Bard API?

To use the Google Bard API, you need to follow a few steps. First, create a project on the Google Cloud Platform and enable the Google Bard API. Next, create a service account and download the JSON key file. Once you have done that, you can start using the Bard AI in your applications.

Google Bard API Website Link URL

Google Bard API beta access is live now for limited users in the following Links now

  • Enterprise Users (Vertex AI LLM Trusted Testers program) – Visit here
  • Independent Developer (MakerSuite and PalmAPI waitlist) – Visit here

Bard API/ Google PaLM API Pricing

Exciting news! Currently, API Keys are available free of charge. However, if you opt to manage your API using Cloud Endpoints, there may be potential charges associated with high traffic volumes. Google PaLM API has recently released its details and pricing, which includes a generous free tier for users.

Calls to API Keys are subject to the following quotas:

API call typeLimit
Read-only calls240 API calls per minute.
Write calls120 API calls per minute.


Bard API provided by Google to allows developers to integrate the Bard AI language model into their applications or websites. So, I hope this article helps you to generate your Bard API Key and use it. If you are facing any issues then let’s discuss them in the comment section below.

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